Why TBT Swim School

Our YEAR-ROUND swimming program is one of the most sought after programs in the St. Petersburg Area! We take pride in our ability to make a REAL impact on the youth in our community and teach swimming as an important life skill.

We have a 70,000 gallon swimming pool equipped with swimming platforms, a waterfall “mushroom”, the “Beach Break” splash pad and a zero depth entry. Our indoor pool is heated to a comfortable 89 degrees year round: The perfect atmosphere for new swimmers!

Certifications for the instructors at TBT range from: LGI, Lifeguarding, Shallow Water, Special Abilities, and Water Safety Instructors. Each instructor has trained, observed, and participated fully in classes of all levels before becoming lead instructors! Your children are in great care!

Each session, features a specific makeup date for your convenience. Additionally, we reserve Fridays for any unforeseen closures such as maintenance, weather etc. Many swimming programs do NOT offer make-ups.

Children of all age levels and abilities benefit from our interactive, energetic, and structured curriculum that teaches children drowning prevention skills while having fun! Fearful and Fearless children alike develop a love for water, and acquire the skills needed to be SAFE around the many bodies of water in our beautiful Tampa Bay!

All classes have a specific set of skills that must be easily performed by each swimmer before advancing to the next level. This ensures that our students are building the proper form and techniques needed to become not only safe but excellent swimmers! It is not unusual to see 4 year olds learning competitive and complex skills such as freestyle, backstroke, or even breast stroke in our facility!

Our program and the skills we teach improve confidence in our children. Our dedicated instructors will always help swimmers overcome any adversity when learning to swim, and our staff deeply cares for and values the bonds we make with our kids.

Lastly, children succeed in our program. Swimming is not a seasonal activity! It is a life skill that must be taught and mastered by children as soon as possible!

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