Recreational Program

TBT Gymnastics

Fun & developmental learning for children of all ages!


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Fall classes begin August 9th, registration link below is the first step.

A confirmation will be emailed and payment can be made when classes begin.

Our sport helps produce healthy, well-balanced individuals. Gymnastics proves to have both physical and mental benefits, such as discipline and self-confidence. At TBT we strive to help each child grow as an individual in his/her own way through achieving small successes.


Leotard or one-piece Bathing Suit; No loose clothing, jewelry, or tights; Hair tied back.


T-shirt and elastic waist shorts; No socks.

Students should remove any extra clothing, socks & shoes, and leave them appropriately in the Bench cubbies; sit and wait for the teacher to come take roll.


Immediately after class students must return to the Bench, collect belongings and wait for their ride inside the building.

** TBT is not responsible for articles left behind

Although it is best to attend a regular class, we offer one make-up class per term during the active session. We cannot guarantee the exact  age and level but will do our best. Make-ups must be scheduled in advance through the front desk.

Safety in the gym is enforced by all of our staff members and taught to each child upon entering a class.

  • No flash photography allowed in the gym
  • No food, drink or Gum in the gym
  • Parents must stay in the Lobby-Waiting area at all times to avoid distraction
  • Please treat our facility as you would your own home and clean up after yourself and your children.

Call 727-328-8500 for more information!

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