Gymnastics is a highly technical, complex sport that has to be taught properly the first time. TBT utilizes a time tested set of gymnastics progressions that really work. We have achieved unparalleled results when it comes to teaching children.

TBT has a caring staff and is the most knowledgeable, experienced and professional program in the St. Petersburg area.

TBT has the best equipped facility for a safe and fun-filled learning experience.

TBT has a glassed-in observation lobby, which provides the staff and athletes with a most desirable environment – completely free of distraction.

TBT believes in building the strength of the child inside and out with physical fitness and the love of movement key to a healthy lifestyle.

Proper progressions and safety are of top priority to TBT, therefore, all gymnastics and swimming classes are always safely and properly taught.

TBT’s results speak for themselves! We have one of the most successful – bottom to top – programs in the country. Our successes are a direct result of our unbelievable class program. Gyms that do not achieve a similar level of success often lack a serious class program. TBT considers the most basic levels vital for their athletes to progress successfully and find it imperative to fundamentally succeed before further progression.

Our competitive pricing is of incredible value with regard to what your athlete will get out of our program. Programs that neither achieve the level of success nor the results that we do often charge as much, or even more, for their classes.

When considering a gymnastics program for your child, please do not hesitate to ask us those tough questions. Do not be afraid to ask about the quality of our programs, the success of our teaching/coaching methods, our results, our staff and our experience. We are proud of what we have going here at TBT, therefore, we never decline the opportunity to share with you all of what makes us so great!

Lastly, ask yourself: is my child learning or simply playing?

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