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2016 Fall Gymnastics Schedule


TBT2013_025 TBT2013_081Boys adult Classes are a blast!
Why Take Gymnastics?

Our sport helps produce healthy, well-balanced individuals.

Gymnastics proves to have both physical and mental benefits, such as discipline and self-confidence.

At TBT we strive to help each child grow as an individual in his/her own way through achieving small successes.




Proper Class Attire:

Girls: Leotard or one-piece Bathing Suit; No loose clothing, jewelry, or tights; Hair tied back

Boys: T-shirt and elastic waist shorts; No socks

Arriving for & Departing from Class:

Upon Arrival: Students should remove any extra clothing, socks & shoes, and leave them appropriately in the Bench cubbies; sit and wait for the teacher to come take roll.

Departure: Immediately after class students must return to the Bench, collect belongings and wait for their ride inside the building.

** TBT is not responsible for articles left behind


Make-Up Classes:

Although it is best to attend a regular class, we offer one make-up class per term during the active session. We cannot guarantee the exact  age and level but will do our best. Make-ups must be scheduled in advance through the front desk.

Mom & Tot: Age 22 months – 3 yrs.; Boys & Girls must accompany child) Before your kids can go to school they can still learn to interact with other children, listen and follow directions and take turns, while developing some basic coordination and balance.** 45 minute Morning classes Turners Preschool Program Age 3-5 yrs; Boys & Girls Kids at this age level will start developing their movements into skills, while they are enforced to take turns and listen to their teacher.

Children will work on handstands, cartwheels, swinging on the bar, balancing on the beams and much more!

** 45 minute classes; Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Weekend times Turners

In Training Age 5-14 yrs; Girls Children in this age range will work on progressing their skill level along with increasing strength and flexibility.

** 1 hour classes; Afternoon, Evening, Weekend time



TBT2013_068 Safety For Children/Parents: Safety in the gym is enforced by all of our staff members and taught to each child upon entering a class.

No flash photography allowed in the gym

No food, drink or Gum in the gym


Parents must stay in the Lobby-Waiting area at all times to avoid distraction

our facility as you would your own home and clean up after yourself and your children.

Call 727-328-8500 for more information