Code of Conduct

TBT Code of Conduct – Please read Carefully

General safety rules

  •  NO running, jumping, or horseplay in the lobby
  •  NO heelys, skates or skateboards in the lobby
  •  NO running or horseplay in the bathrooms and hallways
  •  Be very careful in our parking lot, it is not intend for play
  •  No one other than staff upstairs
  •  Safety rules in the gym – Safety is our Number 1 Priority!
  •  Always wait for an instructor to leave the bench
  •  Always be respectful to staff and fellow classmates
  •  Always keep hands on the bar when learning beginner skills
  •  Only one at a time on trampoline and tumble track!!
  •  Tumble track is only one way – start at blue stairs always!!!
  •  All landings are feet first!!!!
  •  No hiding in the pit someone may land on you!!!
  •  Please walk from station to station
  •  NO flipping without instruction! Always stop and look before entering the pit as it has many entrances!!!
  •  No loud noises they can be distracting
  •  NO flash photography – it can be distracting
  •  Always use gymnastics equipment as it is intended
  •  Have Safe Fun!!!!!!